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The original barn and corn crib here on Forester farms. The car was a 1947 Willis coupe that belonged to grandad Homer Lee Forester. It was modified to have a wood bed for hauling cotton and other farm products.Retail Mobile bee suppliesHere is the latest down on the farm. Getting started on the honey house/retail store. Also added a trailer for handling our beekeeping supplies mobile. Coming soon.April 2016 - This is a high seasonal tunnel house going in. This will allow us to grow produce year round.1948 Ford F5 1 1/2 ton truck. It came from Kansas so we decided to name it Kansas. This was purchased for the farm April 28, 2016Creamed honey, in Chocolate, cinnamon, and plain.varroa mite testing kitHat and veil comboPure Maple syrup from Vermont.Beetle Bee-Gone2016 Chattooga County ag fair honey contest.1 and 2 pound queenline classic jars 
1 lb Muth jars with CorkNow offering a commercial grade box along with my hand crafted one'sNow offering a commercial grade box along with my hand crafted one'sSwarm RemovalRock City bird feederRock City birdhouseRock City Hummingbird feederRock City birdhouse